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Yuu Tanaka
Dead rising yuu
Location Location icon  Sir Book-A-Lot in Wonderland Plaza
Mission Japanese Tourists
Starts Time icon  Day 1, Sept. 19, 10 pm
Expires Time icon   Day 2, Sept. 20, 7 am
Join Prestige points icon  15,000
Successful Escort Prestige points icon   30,000
Otis's call Dead rising transiever  I found a couple of survivors in the BOOKSTORE in WONDERLAND PLAZA. They look Japanese. Probably tourists. [1]
Notebook Japanese tourist.[2]
Age 32
Dead Rising Survivors

Yuu Tanaka is a Dead Rising Japanese survivor who does not speak English. He is hiding in Sir Book-A-Lot with Shinji Kitano during the scoop Japanese Tourists.

Frank needs to pick up the Japanese Conversation book in Sir Book-A-Lot in order to speak with either of the Japanese tourists; after a short conversation they'll bonus bow to Frank for Prestige points, and then join Frank.



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