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Wilted Flower  
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Location Location icon  The Venus Touch in Palisades Mall
Type Rescue Survivors
Survivor(s) Dead rising linette Linette Watkins
Starts Time icon  Day 2, Sept. 26 12:30 pm[1]
Expires Time icon   Day 2, Sept. 26 5:30 pm[1]
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Goal icon
Give Linette a beverage, then carry Linette to Brand New U where she will open up a new secret passage. Finally escort Linette back to the safe house.

Wilted Flower is a Dead Rising 2 mission which takes place in The Venus Touch in the Palisades Mall on the afternoon of Day 2. Escorting Linette to Brand New U results is a secret passage to the Royal Flush Plaza being opened.

Enter the spa’s back room to find a Linette, who became stuck inside a tanning bed during the outbreak. Linette asks for a drink. If Chuck does not have anything to drink, there is a cup of coffee on a table inside the store's main area.

After Linette drinks the beverage, she agrees to follow Chuck to the safe house. But she even says she knows a shortcut to get Chuck there much faster. Linette asks Chuck to take her upstairs to the Brand New U clothing store, which starts a new side mission, Linette’s Passage[1]

Linette’s Passage[]

Linette cannot move very fast. Chuck can pick her up and carry her.

Enter the Brand New U clothing store. Linette explains that the shortcut is through the rear changing rooms and goes to to the Royal Flush Plaza Men's bathroom, which are right next to the safe house. Examine the changing rooms to find the secret passage.

Two way passage which does not carry over
Tip icon
This shortcut is a two-way passage, allowing Chuck to move quickly between Royal Flush Plaza and the Palisades Mall. This shortcut is not available until Linette shows it to Chuck. It also does not carry over into subsequent games. So if you restart the game after discovering the shortcut, you must still complete Wilted Flower and Linette’s passage side missions to open it again.[1]



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