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Dead rising date of willamette incident

Date when Dead Rising occurs, from one of the first trailers for Dead Rising 2.[1]

The Willamette Incident was a series of events that took place in Willamette, Colorado from September 19th through September 22nd, 2006. The United States government tried to initially cover up the story as a simple riot. In reality, zombies arose when Carlito Keyes unleashed the manufactured Ampulex Compressa Giganteus species on the town as revenge for an the US government caused outbreak in his hometown of Santa Cabeza. Though the Special Forces killed nearly everyone in Willamette on September 22, zombies and survivors alike, freelance photojournalist Frank West managed to escape and report on the story of both the Santa Cabeza and Willamette incidents. Though the US government accepted responsibility for Santa Cabeza, they blamed the Willamette Incident on terrorists.[2]


Willamette, Colorado is a town of 53,594 people.




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