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Weapon Vending Machine
Dead rising 2 weapon machine tape it or die blog
Location Location icon  Cash Gordon's Casino on the Platinum Strip (Right outside casino)
Location icon  Underground Main Tunnel (Between the Royal Flush Plaza entrance and Warehouse C)

Weapon Vending Machine are Dead Rising 2 vending machines which have been converted by Looters after the Fortune City outbreak. They hold Handgun and knives which cost $5,000 each.[1]


Store Location Notes
Cash Gordon's Casino Platinum Strip Right outside this casino
Underground Main Tunnel Underground Main Tunnel

Tape it or die blog[]

Tape It Or Die blogger Johnny Kilpatrick (Johnny Pipes) wrote about vending machines. This was during the Fortune City outbreak, while the four bloggers were hiding in the backroom of KokoNutz Sports Town. Kilpatrick blogged:

Talk About Machines! Machines That *Vend*!
Dead rising johnny k
Hey folks! Johnny Pipes here!
Dead rising 2 weapon machine tape it or die blog

This place is paradise! Okay, maybe not a Polynesian-style paradise. Or a gangsta's paradise. Instead, it's just a kinda feel-good paradise. Kinda like Pleasure Island from Pinocchio. Except no donkey transformation. That'd suck.

Think about it. Where else can you just take a sword from somebody's store? Without paying for it? And then use that sword to slice that store owner in half. And be considered a hero for it? Or shooting cops with their own guns. Again, I'm the hero. And I don't even need diplomatic immunity. That's paradise.

But one thing is, paradise isn't free.

Take the vending machines. I like them better than those pawnshop punks. One, their inanimate. So they don't talk to you in that raspy voice. Seriously, did they all come from Smoker's Anonymous?

Two, vending machines don't hide behind chain link fences. But now those looters are taking over the vending machines too!

Stuffed them with handguns and knives. Try to force people to pay even more than they did for their snacks. Bad form, boys! Johnny Pipes doesn't need your weapons! Luckily, some people are idiots. Most are, in fact. But some actually buy from these machines, and so when I smash them up, you can get even more money. I once got a cool thousand from one looter's vending machine. Not bad for 4 seconds work!

Now I just need something to spend that money on. I still never got my nachos since the outbreak began. Maybe if one of the looters was selling that...[1]

Unanswered Questions[]

Unanswered questions
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  • What kind of knife is in the weapon vending machine?
  • Where exactly is the Underground weapon vending machine, please be specific.
  • How much money does Chuck receive from breaking each weapon vending machine (without any books or the Hacker combo weapon)?
  • How much money does Chuck receive from breaking each weapon vending machine with the Hacker combo weapon?


  • The official guide mentions this vending machine twice and refers to it as a "Weapon Vending Machine" or "Weapon Machine"[2]



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