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Dead rising Warehouse on shelves PANORAMA

Panorama of the Warehouse on top of the shelves.
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The warehouse is a location in Dead Rising, it is a large storeroom filled with a variety of weapons. Frank must pass through the warehouse to get to the Rooftop and the Security Room beyond.

Exits to the rooftop[]

There are two exits to the rooftop:

  1. the elevator in the back of the warehouse, which is filled with zombies later in the game.[when?]
  2. the door two stories above the warehouse floor, reached by first climbing the crates to the right of the entrance, then jumping from the shelving. There are no zombies atop the shelving, see the video below.

Zombies and Special Forces[]

Dead rising warehouse items

Zombies in elevator

At a certain time on day one[when?] the zombies are in the warehouse, and several are packed into the elevator.

The zombies will all be killed in the warehouse during the special forces operation at September 22 12:00am. The Special Forces soldiers will continue to patrol the warehouse.[1]


  • Queens kill zombies through elevator doors. Frank can avoid getting hit by dropping the queen next to the closed elevator door.
  • The other elevators are found in the Maintenance Tunnels.
  • Description on the map page: Only authorized Personnel Admitted.


thumb|300px|left|How to avoid the elevator full of zombies by climbing up on the shelving

Dead rising warehouse items (2)
Location Location icon  Paradise Plaza
Type N/A
Store number N/A
Weapon(s) Dead rising attack icon  2" x 4" (On top of the shelves)
Dead rising attack icon  Bucket (x3) (Near the elevator (x1)) (elevated corridor hallway (x2))
Dead rising attack icon  Cardboard Box (x5) (Near the elevator (x1) ) (On the main warehouse floor)
Dead rising attack icon  Lead Pipe (In the corner near the elevator)
Dead rising attack icon  Mannequin (x3) (Near the elevator (x2)) (On top of the shelves (x1))
Dead rising attack icon  Paint Can (x2) (Ground floor in maze of shelving along wall)
Dead rising attack icon  Propane Tank (x2) (On top of the shelves)
Dead rising attack icon  Sledgehammer (On top of the shelves)
Dead rising attack icon  Steel Rack (x3) (Near the elevator (x1)) (Ground floor in maze of shelving along wall) (In corner near crates to climb up on shelving)
Dead rising attack icon  Stepladder (Along walkway near elevated door, in corner)
Dead rising attack icon  Toolbox (x3) (Near the elevator (x1))
Dead rising attack icon  TV (x3) (In corner near crates to climb up on shelving)
Dead rising attack icon  Wine Cask (x3) (On top of the shelves)
Dead rising attack icon  There always is a zombie with a Hunting Knife and a zombie cop with a Nightstick.
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Dead rising elevator panorama


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