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Location Location icon  South Plaza
Type Psychopath Battle
Psychopath Dead rising seymour Seymour Redding
Survivor(s) Dead rising ray (Dead Rising 2) Ray Teller
Dead rising justin Justin Tetherford (unsavable)
Starts Time icon  Day 3, Sept. 27 4 am[1]
Expires Time icon   Day 3, Sept. 27 7 pm[1]
Prestige points icon   24,000
Kill Bonus Prestige points icon   20,000
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Goal icon

WWJWD? is a Dead Rising 2 mission in the South Plaza on the morning of Day 3.

The message screen for this mission states:

GOAL: Investigate the hangings
A man in a security uniform is taking justice into his own hands.

Seymour Redding is murdering survivors in the South Plaza. As Chuck nears him, he hangs and kills Justin Tetherford, who says he was just trying to find food.

Battling Seymour[]


  • The title is an abbreviation of "What Would John Wayne Do?". John Wayne was a famous American film star who is best known for his parts as a cowboy. This reference to Wayne is a play on words of the Dead Rising 2 marketing phrase, "What Would Chuck Do?", this in turn, is a snowclone of "What Would Jesus Do?", a popular saying among United States Christians, which can trace its origin to Charles M. Sheldon's 1896 book, In His Steps.[2][3]
  • A PC player can play as Seymour Redding, see Mods#Seymour_Redding_psychopath


Dead rising 2 WWJWD message screen justin tv


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