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1. Prisoners maybe available from Day 1, 6pm until the end of 72 Hour Mode. I went until Day 2, 4:30 pm, and the Prisoners scoop was still available. (this allowed me to take some REALLY good daytime photos of the convicts)

2. There is an end time for Case 1-1, but Frank never gets a "the truth is vanished in the darkness" notice, he just goes about doing the scoops, like the cases never existed. Case 1-1 ends sometime before Day 1, 6:45 pm.

3. In most cases the zombies appear in the warehouse and elevator, in at least one case they never do. I think this is dependent on activating Case 1-1. If you activate it, but go no further, they will never appear, it you don't activate 1-1 they will. I think it maybe if you stay in the warehouse long enough, they don't appear (although there still is the queens cutscene). I have a screen shot of Frank in the warehouse at Day 2, 4:30pm with not a single zombie carcass. Otherwise, if frank stays in the warehouse, zombies appear in the warehouse and elevator before Day 1, 6:45pm, before the queens cutscene.

4. To get a call about Shadow Of The North Plaza is dependent on something. At first I thought is was about the number of scoops that Frank has at one time, but Frank has these scoops active:

  1. Barricade Pair A & B
  2. A Mother's Lament
  3. Out of Control
  4. Japanese Tourists A and B.

...and Frank ONLY then gets the call for Shadow Of The North Plaza when Sophie is pronounced dead.

So there appears to be no scoop limit per say, but something must happen before Shadow Of The North Plaza Day 1, 11pm is activated.

Maybe one mission must be completed or failed first before Frank gets the Shadow Of The North Plaza notice?

Keep in mind, this did not happen with any other mission, the started as usual:

  1. Lovers, started at 7am,
  2. The Hatchet Man, 8 am,
  3. The Coward, 9 am
  4. Restaurant Man, 11 am.

Anno1404 04:32, July 24, 2010 (UTC)

I think I figured it out: Shadow_Of_The_North_Plaza#Requirements_for_Otis.27s_call Anno1404 17:10, July 24, 2010 (UTC)