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Uncle Bill's Department Store
Dead rising 2 case 0 Uncle bills department store
Location Location icon  Still Creek
Type Convenience
Store number R109[1]
Weapon(s) Dead rising attack icon  Bowling Ball (∞)
Dead rising attack icon  Box of Nails (∞)
Dead rising attack icon  Cactus Plant (∞)
Dead rising attack icon  Cardboard Box (2)
Dead rising attack icon  Cash Register (1)
Dead rising attack icon  Donkey Lamp (∞)
Dead rising attack icon  Football (∞)
Dead rising attack icon  Fire Extinguisher (1)
Dead rising attack icon  Gumball Machine (1)
Dead rising attack icon  Ketchup (∞)
Dead rising attack icon  Lawn Dart (∞)
Dead rising attack icon  Leaf Rake (∞)
Dead rising attack icon  Mustard (∞)
Dead rising attack icon  Motor Oil (∞)
Dead rising attack icon  Playing Cards (1)
Dead rising attack icon  Propane Tank (2)
Dead rising attack icon  Push Broom (∞)
Dead rising attack icon  Round Potted Plant (∞)
Dead rising attack icon  Servbot Mask (∞)
Dead rising attack icon  Stick Pony (∞)
Food Dead rising food icon  Bacon (1) (table)
Dead rising food icon  Jelly Beans
Dead rising food icon  Large Soda (1) (table)
Dead rising food icon  Milk (∞)
Dead rising food icon  Onion Rings (1) (table)
Dead rising food icon  Orange Juice (∞)
Dead rising food icon  Whiskey (∞)
Magazine(s) Building
Clothing Dead rising clothing icon  Ladies Hat
Dead rising clothing icon  Plaid Suit
Dead rising clothing icon  White Cowboy Hat
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Uncle Bill's Department Store is a store in Dead Rising 2: Case Zero.[2]


Dead rising 2 case 0 map uncle bill's department store
  • Map description: Uncle Bill has everything you need to make it through a day in Still Creek... and maybe even a bit more.
Dead rising kinky poster (2) Dead rising kinky poster
  • Outside the main entrance there is a torn black and white poster for the probable band, "Kinky Movement...Friday 8th november...(steve?) Smith...Chewy and Jonah...outback...simon vinyl...ju...10 til late...$5 on"



Dead rising 2 case 0 uncle bills department store outside (4) Dead rising 2 case 0 Uncle Bill's Department Store
Dead rising 2 case 0 uncle bills department store Dead rising 2 case 0 uncle bill roof (3)
Overhang on the side of Uncle Bill's
Dead rising 2 case 0 uncle bill roof (2) Dead rising 2 case 0 uncle bill roof (4)



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  2. Tyndis, Case Zero (Xbox 360), (August 21, 2010).

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