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Tyrone King
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Mission Introduction
Case 2-2: Ticket to Ride
Overtime Mode
Notebook Host and producer for the controversial pay-per-view television game show "Terror Is Reality".
Age 33
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Tyrone King (AKA TK) is a Dead Rising 2 character. He is the notorious host and producer of the equally controversial, but insanely popular, pay-per-view game show Terror Is Reality. TK has no qualms about killing zombies for entertainment - it pays real well. Always on the look out for the next big business opportunity, it's all about money for TK.[1]

As part of the main plotline, he is implicated in the grand scheme to frame Chuck Greene.
Later on, he is bitten, and Chuck can decide whether to give him Zombrex or not.

Overtime mode[]

For the battle with Tyrone, see Overtime Mode.



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