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Tucci's of Rome
Dead rising tuccis of rome
Location Location icon  Paradise Plaza
Type Clothing, men's
Store number P203
Weapon(s) Dead rising attack icon  Cardboard Box
Dead rising attack icon  Cash Register
Dead rising attack icon  Hanger (∞)
Clothing Dead rising clothing icon  Black and White Sleeveless Sports Top with Black and Grey Shorts (clothes hanger)
Dead rising clothing icon  Black Baseball Cap (behind register)
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Tucci's of Rome is a men's clothing store in Dead Rising.

Prestige point sticker[]

Dead rising pp tusscins green shirt

There is a prestige point sticker on the green Mega-man shirt in the middle of the store.

Clothing location[]

Dead rising clothing paradise plaza and first floor of entrance plaza (29) Dead rising black cap

The Black Baseball Cap is found behind the register on hat shelving. .


  • Description on the map page: Let the wild winds of Italy wash over you and transform you into the stylish gentlemen you always wanted to be. We are also proud to offer skin case consultations for sophisticated gentlemen.



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