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Toy Laser Sword
Dead rising Toy Laser Sword
Easter egg 2 When in Frank's inventory, it illuminates his way, even if it is not in his hands.
Location Location icon  Children's Castle
Location icon  Child's Play
Location icon  Ye Olde Toybox
Lasts 50 hits
Enhanced by book BOOK Icon  Hobby in Contemporary Reading (Paradise Plaza)
Dead Rising Weapons

The Toy Laser Sword is a weapon in Dead Rising. It often swipes twice with one tap of the X button. When a zombie is hit with a Toy Laser Sword, it falls down.

If Frank has the toy laser sword in his inventory, possibly extending Frank's vision in the dark. Frank doesn't even have to have it equipped as his weapon he is using at the time, the toy laser sword will illuminate anyway.[1]

Dead rising toy laser sword vs no sword Dead rising toy laser sword vs no sword (2)

The Toy Laser Sword is noticable lighter than Frank's unaccounted for glow.


  • The mega buster toy is twice as strong as the Toy Laser Sword and Rat Stick. If Frank shoots a thin lady zombie at level one, it takes only 4 hits with the mega buster to kill the woman, but 8 hits with the Toy Laser Sword and Rat Stick.
  • The weapon is modeled after a modified "Energon Sword" role-play toy from "Transformers: Energon" it even still has the Decepticon insignia on the hilt (though, the blades on the real toy are green as opposed to red and the blades on the hilt point upwards as opposed to downwards).



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