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The Woman Who Didn't Make It  
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Location Location icon  Gramma's Kids and Ladies' Space in Entrance Plaza
Survivor(s) Dead rising jolie Jolie Wu
Dead rising rachel Rachel Decker
Starts Time icon  Day 2, Sept. 20, 5 pm
Expires Time icon   Day 3, Sept. 21, 12 am
Join Prestige points icon  25,000 each
Prestige points icon   50,000 each
Otis's call Dead rising transiever  There's a woman taking cover inside a CHILDREN'S CLOTHING SHOP in the ENTRANCE PLAZA. Things are lookin' pretty bleak there Frank. You might wanna lend her a hand.[1]
Dead Rising Scoop

The Woman Who Didn't Make It is a Dead Rising scoop.

Inside Gramma's Kids (E105) a woman named Jolie Wu is distraught about her friend Rachel Decker, who was left behind on the second floor in the store Ladies' Space (E216). Frank tells Jolie to wait where she is while he goes and checks on Rachel. However, she decides she would rather come with him.

Locate Ladies' Space on the map, then take the escalator up to the second floor and run to the store where Rachel is holed up. Once the two ladies have been reunited Rachel will join the group.[2]

Survivors' Locations[]

Dead rising jolie Location of Jolie Wu Dead rising rachel Location of Rachel Decker
Gromin'sSports HighRefined ClassJason Wayne's Sporting GoodsGramma's KidsMen's StorehouseRafael's ShoesEveryone Luvs BooksChildren's CastleJ.F. NicholsThe Distinguished GentlemanFashion FiestaSpaceEntrance PlazaParadise PlazaAl Fresca PlazaEntrance Plaza First Floor
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Conversation with Jolie and Rachel[]

Conversation with Jolie and Rachel
Dead rising rachel
Jolie: Hey you! Help me out, will ya? My friend RACHEL... She...

Frank: What? What happened to this RACHEL girl?

Jolie: She got left behind on the 2nd floor... in LADIES' SPACE. The zombies probably already got to her.

Frank: You said LADIES' SPACE right? I'll go check on her. Wait here, Ok?

Jolie: ...

Frank begins to leave

Jolie: Wait! I want to go too! Take me with you.

Frank and Jolie enters Ladies Space

Rachel: No! Get away! Someone! Someone help me! JOLIE, where are you JOLIE!

Jolie: Rachel!

Rachel: Jolie!

Jolie: I'm so sorry... I shouldn't have left you behind... I

Rachel: It's ok Jolie. You came back for me. And that's all that matters.

Jolie: Rachel, I... I'm sorry.

Frank: Any chance I could get you ladies to continue your conversation in a safer place? I'll escort you to the Security Room. Follow me![3]



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