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The Secret of Charlie's Gold  
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Location Location icon  Safe House
Type Special Mission
Survivor(s) Dead rising lenny Lenny Mooney
Starts Time icon  Day 3, Sept. 27 4 am[1]
Expires Time icon   Day 3, Sept. 27 10 am[1]
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The Secret of Charlie's Gold is a Dead Rising 2 mission which starts in the cafeteria of the Safe House on the morning of the third day. The mission is only available if Chuck rescued Lenny Mooney during the Snowflake mission. This mission is not available if Chuck fails any Case before Case 3-1 because the security doors before the vault will not be open.

Lenny tells Chuck a story about some hidden money inside Yucatan Casino’s vault. Chuck must speak to Lenny multiple times to get the vault access code.[1]

Use Linette’s shortcut from the Royal Plaza bathroom to the Palisades Mall. The vault is in the east cashier area. This is the same vault which Tyrone King's mercenaries were trying to open with a giant drill. Examine the panel near the vault door to open it using Lenny’s passcode.

Inside the vault, examine the lock box which draws Chuck’s eye. There is $250,000 dollars in the safety deposit boxes.




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