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The Man's Sport
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Location Location icon  Royal Flush Plaza
Type Sport
Store number R103
Weapon(s) Dead rising attack icon  Boxing Gloves (4)
Dead rising attack icon  Cardboard Box (2)
Dead rising attack icon  Cash Register (1)
Dead rising attack icon  Dumbbell (5)
Dead rising attack icon  Hunk Of Meat (?)
Dead rising attack icon  Metal Baseball Bat (2)
Dead rising attack icon  MMA Gloves (4)
Dead rising attack icon  Medicine Ball (1)
Dead rising attack icon  Stool (1)
Special Minigame: Test Your Strength
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The Man's Sport is a store in Dead Rising 2.

  • Description on the map page: Everything you need to get ripped under one roof. Man up and check out the X-Treme selection of The Man's Sport today!


"Man up and let's get it on with a knockout selection of equipment guaranteed to make you a champion. We fully endorse the violence of mixed MMA, boxing, TiR and all other contact sports." -- Fortune City Website Advertising.[1]


Dead rising 2 the man's sport


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