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The Facts (Dead Rising 2)  
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Location Location icon  Yucatan Casino Rooftop
Psychopath Raymond Sullivan
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Stop Sullivan.

The Facts (Dead Rising 2) is a Dead Rising 2 case.

Sullivan has escaped the Safe House and is fleeing Fortune City with the evidence that can clear Chuck's name. As the player enters the maintenance area in Royal Flush Plaza a countdown shows up on screen labeled: TIME UNTIL FIRE BOMB. A cutscene after the player exits the maintenance hallway shows Chuck running out into Royal Flush Plaza, calling Stacey, and telling her that he's lost Sullivan. Stacey replies negatively, but tells Chuck she'll keep looking. An urgent message from Stacey eventually comes in on the transceiver, telling Chuck that she saw Sullivan heading for Fortune Park. If the player is beyond this, a message comes in, telling Chuck that Sullivan is trying to break open the locked elevators in the Yucatan Casino.

Chuck must travel to the Yucatan if he is not already there, find the open elevator located in the back near the restrooms, and take it to the roof. Exiting the elevator, Chuck is just below the rooftop where Sullivan is escaping. The player must move through the zombie infested room, up the stairs, and outside. A cutscene follows of Chuck confronting Sullivan, who is suiting up for a surface-to-air recovery or a Skyhook. Sullivan explains what the purpose of the Fortune City operation was. It becomes clear that Phenotrans, in order to keep a constant supply of Zombrex, plans on purposely causing outbreaks in order to harvest Queens. Chuck examines the ironic nature of this, as while they are attempting to save lives, they are killing just as many in the process. It is also explained that Tyrone King's heist was out of his own greed and his only task in the operation was to pinpoint a scapegoat. At the end of the cutscene, Chuck realizes that Phenotrans was also responsible for the Las Vegas outbreak and the death of his wife, as well as the infection of his daughter. In response Sullivan exclaims, "Everything that we have done has been absolutely necessary!"

After the cutscene, the player must defeat Sullivan, who stays on top of the scaffolding and throws down flares which serve as targets for the plane's missiles. Sullivan also has a handgun, which he will draw when Chuck is near. If Chuck is on the scaffolding, Sullivan will fight and charge him with his bare hands. If the player attempts to attack Sullivan with a melee weapon, Sullivan will grab Chuck slam him to the ground. The equipped weapon will fall out of Chuck's hand and off of the scaffolding as well.

Upon defeating Sullivan, a cinematic shows the plane firing upon Chuck, who falls down next to Sullivan on the scaffolding. Sullivan grabs his briefcase and deploys the balloon. He tells Chuck, "We're the good guys, Chuck. Not You." As Sullivan stands, Chuck attaches a carabiner, which is mounted to a railing, to Sullivan's belt. The plane hooks the balloon and Sullivan is mangled upon the scaffolding. Chuck uses Sullivan's phone to call Channel 6 Action News. He tells them who he is and offers "the scoop of a lifetime" as long as they send rescue helicopters. The helicopter comes and regardless of how many survivors the player has managed to rescue, only two of the original survivors in the Safe Room board the helicopter. Chuck asks the two survivors if they have seen his daughter, but they haven't. He tells the pilot to leave, because he has to find Katey.

Chuck enters the deserted Safe Room and only finds Katey's backpack. 72 hour mode ends and the credits roll.

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Achievement Opportunity

20 Gamerscore points - Clean Record

Defeat Sullivan for the Clean Record Achievement.


When Chuck is on the ground Sullivan will lob flares, which are targeted by the airplane and fired upon. If Chuck is close to one of these flares, he will be thrown and wounded. A hole will also be blown through the roof, clearing many zombies, but also posing a falling hazard. The fall to the next floor is enough to injure Chuck and even kill him if his health is low enough. If Chuck is close to the scaffolding, Sullivan will draw his handgun, which has seven rounds. He fires them off a round and then the rest in twos. Sullivan takes a few seconds to reload, giving Chuck ample opportunity to shoot Sullivan. In Chuck climbs the scaffolding, Sullivan will put away his handgun and fight Chuck with his bare hands. He will charge Chuck, jab at him, and kick him. After charging Chuck, Sullivan has three sets of attacks he will cycle through before charging again. If Chuck keeps a distance, Sullivan will only charge. If Chuck attempts to attack Sullivan with a melee weapon, Sullivan will body slam him and the weapon will be thrown from the scaffolding, sometimes through one of the gaping holes in the roof. Sullivan's kick will throw Chuck himself from the scaffolding.

Ranged Strategies[]

  • In front of the entrance to the roof is a divider that Chuck can hide behind. From here, he can safely shoot at Sullivan, who's flares are out of range. This requires several powerful guns and a lot of food.
  • Between the scaffolding Sullivan stands upon and the shorter section used for getting up there is a gap where Chuck can hide. Sullivan will continuously shoot his handgun, but will never hit Chuck. After seven rounds, there are a few seconds to shoot at Sullivan, before Chuck needs to hide again.
    • Chuck can also throw objects and weapons, such as the defiler to injure Sullivan. This requires constantly retrieving it however.

Close Combat Strategies[]

  • This method requires either a fire axe, sledgehammer, or defiler. If Chuck climbs the scaffolding and activates Sullivan's hand-to-hand combat, he can use the Front Kick skill (RT+X) on Sullivan. This will knock Sullivan to his hands and knees, allowing Chuck to use the downward attack of any of these weapons on Sullivan.




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