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The Cult  
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3 scoops at 5pm[1]
Dead rising crate with jennifer in it
Location Location icon  Paradise Plaza
Psychopath Raincoat Cult
Survivor(s) Dead rising jennifer Jennifer Gorman
Starts Time icon  Day 2, Sept. 20, 1 pm
Expires Time icon   Day 3, Sept. 21, 10 am
Join Prestige points icon  20,000
Prestige points icon   40,000
Kill Bonus Prestige points icon   500 each
Dead Rising Scoops
Dead rising raincoat cult member
This article is about the unannounced scoop The Cult for the article about the cult members, see Raincoat Cult.

The Cult is an unannounced scoop in Dead Rising. In Dead Rising:Chop Till You Drop it was given the name The Cult.[2]

As Frank enters the Paradise Plaza, a cut scene begins. Sean Keanan the cult leader, is over a box with a woman inside Jennifer Gorman. The box is surrounded by Raincoat Cult members, people in yellow raincoats and green masks, who carry knives and occasionally dynamite.

Battling Raincoat Cult members[]

See Raincoat Cult for details about defeating these cult members.

Sean disappears and is not fought now. Frank battles him later in A Strange Group.

The official guide states: "If Frank is stunned by the powder and nabbed, the Cultists will drag him away and the chance to save...Jennifer, is lost."[3]

Sean's ritual cutscene[]

Sean's ritual
Dead rising sean
Sean holds up a sword.

Sean: Behold! The end of the world is upon us! Death itself has overflowed upon this world, defiling us all!

A tied up girl screams as Frank watches from behind the cult group.

Sean: The only path to the salvation of the soul is the purging of the tainted blood!

The Raincoat Cult followers place the tied up girl in a box and close the lid. Sean walks up to the box and is just about to stab it, but then notices Frank in the distance

as he is taking pictures.

Sean: Ah. A nonbeliever in our midst.

Frank backs away as the raincoat cult members turn around and look at him)

Sean: If we are to achieve salvation, his blood must flow!

Sean points with his sword
Sean: He must be purged! Spill his blood! The blood of the heretic![4]

Scoop begins[]

Dead rising day 2 1257 the cult not here

The Cult scoop is not available at Day 2, September 20, 12:57 pm.

Dead rising day 2 1307 the cult

The Cult scoop is available from Day 2, September 20, 1:00 pm.


  • After this unannounced scoop, Colby's Movieland is cleared of zombies and only has Raincoat Cult members.
    • Theaters one, two, and five have several cult members inside
    • The hallway to theaters three, four, and five is blocked by cult members.


thumb|300px|left|Cutscene 26 - Cultists



Cult attack[]


  1. There are three scoops which all start on day 2, September 20, 5pm, those three are: Antique Lover, Mark Of The Sniper, The Woman Who Didn't Make It.
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