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Tastes Like Chicken  
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Location Location icon  Cucina Donnacci in the Food Court
Type Psychopath Battle
Psychopath Dead rising antoine Antoine Thomas
Survivor(s) Dead rising cinda Cinda Smith
Dead rising jasper Jasper Sanford
Starts Time icon  Day 1, Sept. 25 10:30 pm[1]
Expires Time icon   Day 2, Sept. 26 8:30 pm[1]
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Goal icon
Defeat psychopath Antoine, reunite Jasper and Cinda then escort them back to the Safe House.

Tastes Like Chicken is a Dead Rising 2 mission which occurs on the evening of day 1 in the Cucina Donnacci restaurant located in the Food Court. psychopath Antoine Thomas is "apparently making meals out of...survivors".[1] He has imprisoned Cinda Smith in the walk in cooler and is violent when Chuck refuses to sample his food.


Map location[]

Dead rising 2 Taste Like Chicken map justin tv00311

Battling Antoine[]

It is recommended for this fight that you make a couple of Drillers, for it's speed and power,and use knife gloves, if you can't make them, and if possible a fire spitter which comes in handy for Antoine's food consumation.

Antoine Thomas is generally not the fastest boss but he certainly can pack a punch, it is generally helpfull if you dart around the room to get the drop on him or if he uses his plate lauching attack you hide behind the pillars, food is plentifull for this boss unfortunatly it is for him too if his health depletes even slightly he will hit you with his frying pan and run to the nearest dish restoring quite abit of his health.

To avoid this as soon as he runs equip your fire spitter and shoot at him this will interupt his eating pattern and he will once again go after you, now make good use of your knife gloves or driller and remember to dart around the room and you should be fine. To make this easier, you can make and use the Quickstep, which can be easily made in the Yucatan Casino, in a place called Baron Von Brathaus, there is also a health 2 magazine, which should double your heath restorage, and useful so you don't have to leave in the middle of the fight to find food items, and also doubles your heath restorage for drinks, too. It is also recommended to make painkillers, since they heal a lot, and halfens your damage. To make the Quickstep, combinetwo wines, and to make painkillers, combine two beers

When he's dead talk to Cinda on the kitchen storage, she may not join you until Jasper gets here. You will find Jasper Sanford on the rooftop at one of the restaurants. climb the vending machine and meet him there. escort him to Cinda and they may go back to the safe house.

Finding Jasper[]

After defeating Antoine Cinda will not join Chuck unless coworker Jasper Sanford is with him.

Exit the restaurant and cross the food court, to the snack machines next to Lombardi's. Jump atop the snack machines and onto the awnings about the Lombardi's. Jasper can be found here. Speak to him and he will join immediately.

Valuable items in the awning
Tip icon
This awning area has:
  1. two Bow and Arrows and
  2. dynamite, which can be combined to create the combo weapon Blambow.
  3. Bargaining 2, which lowers the cost of pawnshops by 10%

Return to the cooler. Cinda will immediately join.



Dead rising 2 chef justin tv00019


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