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This Page is about the Tape it or die blog, for the Dead Rising 2 Missions, see, Tape It or Die 1 and Tape It or Die 2.

Tape it or Die is a viral blog maintain by Capcom. Its subject was originally about zombies. It is written by four friends, Gretchen Peregrine, Johnny Kilpatrick, (Johnny Pipes) Left Hand Lance, Wallace Hertzog.

The blog opens just before the events of Dead Rising 2, on April 6, 2010. The group then decided to take a vacation to Fortune City.

Wallace won two tickets in a radio contest to Terror is Reality in Fortune City, then teased the group. Gretchen exclaimed:

"Wallace - You waved those tickets at our face like piece of meat dangling before a pack of starving wolves. You're the oldest amongst us, and you're acting like a first-grader goading kindergartners into a pile of mud."

She then bought two extra tickets so all four could attend.[1][2]

The four were live blogging during Terror is Reality arena when an explosion breached the zombie enclosure. They were all seperated, but they eventually were reunited and took shelter in an old TV production studio in a backroom behind KokoNutz Sports Town in Palisades Mall.[3][4][5]

Chuck meets the four in Dead Rising 2, in two missions, Tape It or Die 1 and Tape It or Die 2.




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