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Tad Hawthorne
Dead rising tad
Location Location icon  Colombian Roastmasters, Paradise Plaza
Mission Photographer's Pride
Starts Time icon  Day 3, Sept. 21, 12 pm
Expires Time icon   Day 3, Sept. 21, 12:05 pm
Join Prestige points icon  30,000
Successful Escort Prestige points icon   60,000
Otis's call Dead rising transiever  None
Notebook Was held captive by Kent.[1]
Age 31
Dead Rising Survivors

Tad Hawthorne is a survivor in Dead Rising. He is found being held hostage by Kent Swanson. Frank can save Tad by proving to Kent that Frank is a better photographer, in the Photographer's Pride scoop and then defeating him. If Frank is too late arriving to the Photographer's Pride scoop, Tad will be killed by Kent before Frank arrives.


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