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Sturdy Package
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Location Location icon  Royal Flush Plaza
Type Travel store
Store number R119
Weapon(s) Dead rising attack icon  Box of Nails
Dead rising attack icon  Cash Register
Dead rising attack icon  Crowbar
Dead rising attack icon  Handbag
Dead rising attack icon  Ketchup
Dead rising attack icon  Power Drill
Dead rising attack icon  Small Suitcase
Dead rising attack icon  Stool
Dead rising attack icon  Suitcase
Food Dead rising food icon  Fries
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Sturdy Package is a store in Dead Rising 2.


"Keep your precious cargo safe (and away from prying eyes) with this ultra secure luggage - be sure to ask staff about the 5 Star diamond-composite 'Immalleable' range." -- Fortune City Website Advertising.[1]

Dead rising 2 sturdy package
  • Description on the map page: From fancy clothes to questionable pharmaceuticals, our luggage can carry anything you need. Ask out staff about the five star rated, diamond composite "Immalleable" line!



  1. Casinos in Fortune City, Visit Fortune City. (2010).

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