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Stuffed Bear
Dead rising Stuffed Bear.png
Location Location icon.png  Child's Play
Location icon.png  Kid's Choice Clothing
Location icon.png  On top of the blue awning above Josh’s Jewels in Paradise Plaza
Location icon.png  Small Fry Duds
Location icon.png  Scuffs and Scrapes
Location icon.png  Gramma's Kids
Location icon.png  Jamming Juvenile
Location icon.png  Leisure Park
Lasts 20 hits
Enhanced by book BOOK Icon.png  Hobby in Contemporary Reading (Paradise Plaza)
Cannot be placed in inventory
Dead Rising Weapons
For the Dead Rising 2 weapon, see Robot Bear.

The Stuffed Bear is a weapon in Dead Rising, found in toy stores and children's clothing stores. When a zombie is hit with a stuffed bear, it does not fall down.




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