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Still Creek Casino
Still creek casino
Location Location icon  Still Creek
Type Casino
Store number PR110
Weapon(s) Dead rising attack icon  Cash Register (1)
Dead rising attack icon  Casino Chips (2)
Dead rising attack icon  Metal Garbage Can (1)
Dead rising attack icon  Playing Cards (3)
Dead rising attack icon  Fancy Small Chair (8)
Dead rising attack icon  Fancy Tall Chair (4)
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Still Creek Casino is a store in Dead Rising 2: Case Zero.

Money available in this casino:

Source Amount
Dead rising Slot Machine Barnyard Bonanza Play the three Barnyard Bonanza slot machines with $300 in front of them on the floor for a guaranteed win 5 times each.

To play 15 times: $100 x 15 = $1500

Winnings 15 times: $300 x 15 = $4500

$4500 - $1500 = $3000 winnings

$1,000 $3,000
Dead rising Slot Machine Barnyard Bonanza Slot machine (18) $300 $5,400
Dead rising ATM ATM (2) $500 $1,000
Dead rising Cash Register (Dead Rising 2) Cash Register $400 $400
Dead rising Still Creek Casino Cash Amount on ground $900 $900

In addition there is $300 just outside the door of the casino.

There is a push broom above the door on the roof awning.


Dead rising trouble with turkeys sign
  • The slot machine names are "Barnyard Bonanza" and "Trouble with Turkeys".
  • There are three other locations with slot machines, each slot machine has $300 when broken:
  • Only the casino has the elaborate signs above the slot machines.
  • There are some unusual sound effects when Chuck plays the slot machines.
  • The three zombies will continue to watch the slot machines and not attack Chuck unless disturbed.
  • In the closing credits there are two people credited as "Misc Voice Overs Slot Machines".


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