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Special Forces are soldiers with Machineguns which storm Willamette Parkview Mall in Dead Rising Overtime Mode on Day 4, September 22, 12:00am.

Dead rising security forces killed all zombies (2)

All zombies are killed by security forces.

Their mission is to contain the zombie sickness by killing all zombies and survivors. All of Willamette Parkview Mall, except for Leisure Park and the Maintenance Tunnels is cleared of zombies.

The Disembowel skill (A + X and the same time) is particularly powerful and can instantly kill, it is more effective than all but the most powerful melee weapons.[1]


Full screen.

Dead rising Special Forces


  • Hitting security forces with joke weapons like paint cans, as shown above, or pylons (traffic cones), has no effect.
Dead rising special forces not twisted execavtor
  • Although Special Forces are hurt when stabbed by the excavator, they do not twist like zombies do.



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