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Space Rider
Dead rising wonderland plaza (6)
Location Location icon  Wonderland Plaza
Psychopath Dead rising adam Adam MacIntyre
Mission Out Of Control
Survivor(s) Dead rising greg Greg Simpson
Weapon(s) Dead rising attack icon  Small Chainsaw
Prestige points sticker(s) Prestige points sticker  Martian on roof
Prestige points sticker  Spaceship on roff
Prestige points sticker  Spacer Rider sign
Prestige points sticker  Spaceship east side
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The Space Rider is a space themed children's ride suspended above Wonderland Plaza. The ride does a loop around the second story of the plaza. The entrance is on the second floor, in front of Kokonutz Sports Town.

Out of Control Scoop[]

On Day 1, September 19 at 9:00 am, Otis calls Frank about the Space Rider being "Out of Control". Frank finds out that Adam the Clown set the ride to continue nonstop, and is willing to kill Frank to prohibit him from stopping it. Once Adam is defeated, Frank can use Adam's ID Card, which acts as a key to turn on an off the Space Rider ride. The ID Card can only be used to stop the ride.

To shut off the console, stand in front of the ride and press B. When it comes to a halt, a dizzy security guard named Greg Simpson steps out. He offers to show Frank a shortcut back to Paradise Plaza.

Once the Space Rider is stopped, it allows the zombies to congregate in great numbers around its perimeter.[1]

Operation time[]

The Space Rider machine shuts down every night at 10:00 pm when the power turns off and starts back up every morning at 9:00 am. It stops working completely on the third day.[Verification needed]

Prestige Point Bonus[]

See also Prestige Point Bonus Table
Dead rising wonderland plaza rollercoaster riding (2) Dead rising wonderland plaza rollercoaster riding

If Frank rides the Space Rider around completely once, he receives 10,000 Prestige Points bonus. To ride it, jump on one of the carts, stand in it, and wait for it to move.[2]

Prestige Point Stickers[]

Dead rising pp wonderland plaza space ride (8) Martian on southwest side of the roof on Space Rider
Dead rising pp wonderland plaza space ride (2)
Dead rising pp wonderland plaza space ride Spaceship on northwest side of the roof on Space Rider
Dead rising pp wonderland plaza space ride (3) Spacer Rider sign just above the west entrance to Space Rider
Dead rising pp wonderland plaza space ride (4) Spaceship on the roof of the east exit of Space Rider

Sub-machine Gun[]

There is a Sub-machine Gun in the playland area which is only accessible with the Space Rider. Get on the Space Rider ride and jump off onto the red roof of the north playhouse in the playground area. Frank will have to jump fairly soon after getting on the ride.[3][4]




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