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Location Location icon  Yucatan Casino
Type Psychopath Battle
Psychopath Dead rising ted Ted Smith
Dead rising snowflake Snowflake
Survivor(s) Lenny
Starts Time icon  Day 1, Sept. 25 4{
Expires Time icon   Day 2, Sept. 26 10 am[1]
Weapon(s) Dead rising attack icon  Handgun
Join Prestige points icon  15,000
Prestige points icon   30,000
Dead Rising 2 Psychopaths

Snowflake is a tiger which is a savable psychopath in Dead Rising 2.

Snowflake and Ted are found in the Yucatan Casino. When Chuck walks into the Casino the cutscene will begin. Snowflake's "slightly "slow" caretaker" is the obese psychopath Ted Smith who hates people, but loves animals. Ted will do anything to find food for Snowflake and plans on feeding Chuck to the tiger.

To tame Snowflake:

  1. Ted needs to be killed first.
  2. Snowflake needs to be thrown and eat three pieces of steak.

Battling Ted[]



Ted is considered to be one of the easiest psychopaths to defeat.

Handgun Ted has a weak handgun.

There is also fire axe near the Ted's starting position.

Snowflake will pounce on Chuck as Chuck tries to kill Ted.

Once Ted is defeated, a cutscene will begin in which Ted offers to feed his wounded body to Snowflake. Chuck can now either tame or kill Snowflake.

Defeating Snowflake[]

If Chuck needs food during the battle, run to Baron Von Brathaus restaurant, which has several kinds of food and a blender. Chuck can mix two wines to create Quick Step.

The magazine Health 2 is also found here, which when held, restores health by 100%.

Taming Snowflake[]

Once Snowflake eats the three steaks, Snowflake then becomes a follower and can be given to Katey as a gift.

Chuck will hear a power up sound when Snowflake eats a steak, similar to when Chuck eats something.

Steak locations
Store Description
Yucatan Casino (3) West fire pit area where the battle first began.

Two pieces atop the rock outcropping along the wall

One piece on a rock in the middle of the pit area.

Baron Von Brathaus (1) Table along the wall
Wild West Grill House Food Court
Chris's Fine Foods (∞) Palisades Mall second floor
Royal Flush Plaza Leap on the phone booth near Ragazines to the broken walkway above. Jump to the higher flower box. Travel to the loft of the Players store.

Survivor Lenny Mooney[]

Survivor Lenny Mooney is hiding in the Yucatan Casino's VIP room. Lenny refuses to join Chuck until Snowflake has been killed or tamed.



Dead Rising 2 - Taming Snowflake the Tiger

Taming Snowflake the Tiger



Dead rising 2 snowflake Co op
Dead Rising snowflake notebook


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