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Small Suitcase
Location Location icon  Americana Casino - The American Historium (A103) (2)
Location icon  Food Court Central Platform and Information Booth
Location icon  Fortune City Hotel Lobby
Location icon  Palisades Mall - Wallington's (P106)
Location icon  Platinum Strip Main Area
Location icon  Royal Flush Plaza - Albert's Apparel (R201)
Location icon  Royal Flush Plaza - Bagged! (P108)
Location icon  Royal Flush Plaza - Roy's Mart (R109)
Location icon  Royal Flush Plaza - Sturdy Package (R119)
Location icon  Safe House
Location icon  Silver Strip Alley
Location icon  Silver Strip Main Area
Location icon  Yucatan Casino Cashier and Vault Area
Location icon  Yucatan Casino Main Entry Area
Location icon  Yucatan Casino Restroom Area
Location icon  Yucatan Casino VIP Room (at the bar)
Lasts 10
Strength 2
Dead Rising 2 Weapons

The Small Suitcase is a weapon found in Dead Rising 2.




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