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Small Chainsaw
Dead rising Small Chainsaw
Location Location icon  Wonderland Plaza, near the controls for the Space Rider after defeating Adam
Type Melee
Lasts 80 hits
Strength Best
Speed Fastest
Enhanced by book BOOK Icon  Criminal Biography in Sir Book-A-Lot (Wonderland Plaza)
BOOK Icon  Engineering in Bachman's Bookporium (Paradise Plaza)
BOOK Icon  Entertainment in Bachman's Bookporium (Paradise Plaza)
Dead Rising Weapons

The Small Chainsaw is a weapon in Dead Rising. If Adam the Clown disappointed his family with his choice of career, he didn't disappoint us with his choice of weaponry. His mini chainsaws does maximum damage against other psychopaths and slice limbs like butter. This is the strongest weapon in the game (aside from the unlockable Mega Buster and Laser Sword), and it also lasts longer. The small chainsaw respawns at the Space Rider entrance in Wonderland Plaza.

This weapon is one of the few that can be strengthened three times by picking up three types of books. They are the Entertainment magazine, the Engineering Magazine, and the Criminal Biography Magazine. With these three in effect, the player can kill an incredible 2,160 zombies.

No books One book Two books Three books
x3 x3 x3
80 hits 240 720 2160

Be careful using the small chainsaw when escorting survivors, as they can be hit easily and have their health severely damages or killed.


  • With 80 hits, the small chainsaw is 4 times more durable than the chainsaw (20 hits).[1]
  • The official guide fails mentioning the third Entertainment book, "Take a quick moment to run up the set of stairs and grab another Small Chainsaw on the ground near the console. These things come in handy, especially if Frank is carrying the Criminal Biology and Engineering Books, which allow them to last up to three times as long as normal."[2]



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