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Skateboarding (Dead Rising 2)
Location Location icon  Fortune City Hotel
Type Item+
Effect Skateboard last three times as long. Gain the ability to do a new trick while on the skateboard.
Weapon(s) Dead rising attack icon  Skateboard
Dead Rising Magazines

Dead rising Skateboarding
Location Location icon  Sir Book-a-Lot
Plaza Wonderland Plaza
Type Item +
Effect Allows for skateboard tricks and hold onto skateboards three times longer than usual.[1]
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For the Dead Rising book, see Skateboarding.

The Skateboarding (Dead Rising 2) is a magazine in Dead Rising 2. This magazine allows Chuck to do an ollie on a skateboard. Press A or X while riding the board.[Verification needed]



Dead rising 2 stunt devil magazine tapeit or die com
Dead rising dead rising Skateboarding (Dead Rising 2) location 2
Location of the Skateboarding magazine. On the coffee table.
Dead rising Skateboarding (Dead Rising 2) location


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