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Location Location icon  Atlantica Casino
Type Nightclub
Store number T101
Blender-small   Blender
Weapon(s) Dead rising attack icon  Barstool
Dead rising attack icon  Cardboard Box
Dead rising attack icon  Cash Register
Dead rising attack icon  Chef Knife
Dead rising attack icon  Gift Shop Lamp
Dead rising attack icon  Handbag
Dead rising attack icon  Keg
Dead rising attack icon  Large Fern Tree
Dead rising attack icon  Square Sign
Dead rising attack icon  Treasure Chest
Food Dead rising food icon  Beans
Dead rising food icon  Beer
Dead rising food icon  Drink Cocktail
Dead rising food icon  Pineapple
Dead rising food icon  Vodka
Dead rising food icon  Whiskey
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Sipparellos is a bar in Dead Rising 2.


"Only the best brews and finest of wines make the grade at this über excellent drinking establishment. So slip on a suit and settle in for some superb sippage at FC's premier bar." -- Fortune City Website Advertising.[1]


Dead rising 2 sipparellos


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