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Simone The Gunslinger  
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Dead rising simone
Location Location icon  Security Room
Survivor(s) Dead rising simone Simone Ravendark
Starts Time icon  Day 3, Sept. 21, 7 pm
Expires Time icon   Day 4, Sept. 22, 12 pm
Prestige points Prestige points icon  10,000
Dead Rising Scoops
The security room is accessed from Paradise Plaza.
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Simone The Gunslinger is a Dead Rising scoop. Otis calls about a request for Frank to fulfill back at the Security Room. Simone has a favor to ask. She wants a Handgun. Make sure to grab one before returning to the Security Room, saving it for her request.[1]

There must be at least 3 survivors in the room with Simone for Otis to call about this scoop, as is the case with all of the other request and mutiny scoops.[2]

Conversation with Simone[]

Conversation with Simone
Dead rising simone
Simone: Thanks for coming.

Frank: No problem. So, what do you need a gun for anyway?

You should already know the answer to that. I've been bitten. I mean... I was treated and all, but there's no telling when I'll change. I don't want to cause trouble for everyone... They've got enough problems without me... Did you bring a gun or not?

If Frank doesn't gives her the gun:

Frank: Sorry kid, I don't have one on me. Even if I did, I'm not sure I'd hand it over to you anyway...

Simone: Oh, that's too bad...

If Frank gives her the gun:
Simone: Thanks. Don't worry. I won't use it. At least, not anytime soon.[3]



See also[]

This is one of several request/mutiny missions:

Request/Mutiny Time Requirement
1 Dead rising ronald Ronald's Appetite Time icon 6 pm Day 2 Any Food
2 Dead rising floyd Floyd The Sommelier Time icon 1 am Day 3 Wine
3 Dead rising kindell Kindell's Betrayal Time icon 12pm Speak with Kindell
4 Dead rising paul Paul's Present Time icon 5 pm Speak with Paul for Molotov Cocktails
5 Dead rising simone Simone The Gunslinger Time icon 7 pm Handgun
6 Dead rising cheryl Cheryl's Request Time icon 8 pm Photograph Cheryl

Except for Ronald's Appetite, all of these missions take place on the third day and involve Frank returning to the Security Room to assist survivors he has already rescued. Each is worth 10,000 Prestige Points.


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