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Shots & Awe
Dead rising Shots & Awe
Location Location icon  Americana Casino
Type Nightclub
Store number A102
Blender-small   Blender
Weapon(s) Dead rising attack icon  Cash Register (4)
Dead rising attack icon  Cushioned Tall Chair (10)
Dead rising attack icon  Gasoline Canister (under cash register)
Food Dead rising food icon  Beer (∞)
Dead rising food icon  Vodka (∞)
Dead rising food icon   Wine (∞)
Clothing Dead rising clothing icon  Casual Beachwear (suitcase on red cushioned bench)
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Shots & Awe is a bar in Dead Rising 2.


"The fastest bartenders in the west serve up cocktails and shot combos that'll blow your mind. Only weapons of mass consumption need apply to sit at this incredible 360 bar!" -- Fortune City Website Advertising.[1]

Dead rising 2 shots and awe map
  • Description on the map page: Go big and be seen at Shots and Awe! Our 360 degree panoramic bar experience lets you be the focus and envy in the middle of one [of] the hottest gaming venues in Fortune City.



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