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Dead rising Shootingstar Sporting Goods PANORAMA

Panorama of Shootingstar Sporting Goods
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Shootingstar Sporting Goods
Dead rising Shooting Star Sporting Goods
Location Location icon  Entrance Plaza
Type Sports store
Store number E207
Weapon(s) Dead rising attack icon  Cash Register
Dead rising attack icon  Hanger (∞)
Dead rising attack icon  Hockey Stick (∞)
Dead rising attack icon  Skateboard(∞)
Clothing Dead rising clothing icon  USA Track Outfit (Fitting Rooms)
Prestige points sticker(s) Prestige points sticker  Display Racks Spun (x2) 2,000 PP each
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Shootingstar Sporting Goods is a sporting goods store in Dead Rising. It is the only store where Frank can find a Hockey Stick.

Special Prestige Point Bonus[]

Dead rising pp shooting racks (2)

There is a Special Prestige Point Bonus of 2,000 prestige points each for spinning the two jacket racks.

Frank spins the rack by hitting it.

If Frank spins these two racks, and the two racks in Jason Wayne's Sporting Goods downstairs in Entrance Plaza (E207), he receives an additional 10,000 prestige point bonus.

Clothing location[]

Dead rising clothing USA Track Outfit Dead rising clothing USA Track Outfit Shooting Star Sporting Goods (3)

The USA Track Outfit is found in the fitting rooms.


  • Description on the map page: If you like sports, you'll love our selection of top quality goods prepared especially for you.
Dead rising entrance plaza shootingstar sporting goods ad

"The Starting Line is Waiting..."
—Advertisement for Shootingstar Sporting Goods in Entrance Plaza
Dead rising pp eyes like us poster shooting

"Humanity is..."
—Advertisement for Shootingstar Sporting Goods in Eyes Like Us, located in Al Fresca Plaza. This poster also has a prestige point sticker attached to it.



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