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Severed Ties
Deadrising2 2010-10-04 11-18-07-21
Location Location icon  Palisades Mall
Type Unknown
Store number P212
Weapon(s) Dead rising attack icon  Cardboard Box
Dead rising attack icon  Computer Case
Dead rising attack icon  Keyboard
Dead rising attack icon  LCD Monitor
Dead rising attack icon  Scissors
Dead rising attack icon  Shotgun (Atop Stand)
Dead rising attack icon  Stool
Dead rising attack icon  Water Cooler
Food Dead rising food icon  Vodka
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Severed Ties is a store in Dead Rising 2. The store specializes in divorce.[1]


  • The Dead Rising 2 released map incorrectly named this store "Sever Ties". This was one of several map mistakes.


Dead rising 2 severed ties divorce center lhl around town tapeit or die com
Snapshot found in Tape it or Die blog.
Dead rising severed ties shotgun (2)
Shotgun atop Severed Ties
Dead rising severed ties shotgun (3)
Dead rising severed ties shotgun


  1. Lance, LHL Around town Today's the Day!, Tape it or Die, (August 11, 2010).

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