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Scoops are missions which are not required to complete the game and find out the truth about the Willamette Incident. As with cases, scoops are time based. A time gauge appears along the right side of the screen when a Scoop is uncovered.[1]


Missed calls[]

For all scoops, Frank cannot be in the Plaza/location where the scoop will take place to receive a call from Otis. So, for example, with the first scoop Cut From The Same Cloth, to receive the Scoop call from Otis Frank cannot be in Paradise Plaza, where Cut From The Same Cloth takes place.

If Frank is in Paradise Plaza at 2 pm when the scoop begins, he will not receive a call from Otis until he leaves the plaza. If he stays in Paradise Plaza for too long, Otis will never call Frank, and Frank will lose the scoop.

Frank will also not get scoop calls if he is in the security room, helipad or rooftop. Frank will only get Otis's transceiver call when he leaves these locations.

Scoop time bar[]

When Frank checks his watch, he can see which scoops he has taken calls for. Unannounced scoops and calls Frank has missed will not appear on his watch screen.

For screen shots of when each case expires, see 72 Hour Mode.

Below is the case Cheryl's request, showing how the time bar functions. Cheryl's request expires on Day 4, September 22, 12:00 pm, when 72 hour mode ends.



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