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Santa Cabeza (which translates as "Saint Head") is the fictional town which is frequently referred to in the Dead Rising game. It is the town where Dr. Barnaby's former research laboratory was based. The town was destroyed by the accidental zombie outbreak and the subsequent cleanup operation led by Brock Mason and the Special Forces, in what is now called the Santa Cabeza Incident.[1] Carlito Keyes and Isabela lived in this town and saw their loved ones killed.

After Dr. Barnaby was rescued he initially claimed that Santa Cabeza was used by terrorists to disperse a "zombie drug" to cover his actions. Although when he is confronted by later Frank he reveals what really happened.


Santa Cabeza was the hometown of Carlito and Isabela Keyes. It was a very fertile farming community. The town had a lot of livestock, so a research facility, led by Dr. Barnaby, was built there to see if it was possible to increase cattle yields to feed Americans. They instead invented an insect called a queen that turned the cattle into zombies. When one of the queens escaped the facility it started infecting the residents. When news of the zombie outbreak reached the government, they dispatched a Special Forces unit to completely wipe out the city and cover up what really happened there. This lead Carlito to take revenge against the government, creating the Willamette Incident the first step in his revenge.

The only known survivors of the genocide of Santa Cabeza, are Brock Mason, the Special Forces, Carlito, Isabela Keyes, and Dr. Barnaby.




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