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Ryan LaRosa
Dead rising ryan
Location Location icon  Entrance Plaza
Notebook Found erecting a barricade in the Entrance Plaza.[1]
Age 54
Race White
Voice Actor Bill Farmer[2]
Dead Rising Survivors

Ryan LaRosa is a unsaveable survivor in Dead Rising. He is found on the first day in the mall in Entrance Plaza. He is the leader of the group in Entrance Plaza, and orders Frank to get more furniture for the zombie barricade.[3]

Like all survivors in the Entrance Plaza, excluding the main characters such as Frank West, he is killed when the undead breach the barricade and cannot be saved.


  • Quote:
    • "Bring back anything we can use for the barricade, got it? You know, benches, shelves, that sorta thing. There should be plenty of that stuff deeper in the mall. Now go, we gotta keep those zombies out of the mall."


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