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Roy's Mart
Deadrising2 2010-10-02 10-29-48-34.jpg
Location Location icon.png  Royal Flush Plaza
Type Pharmacy
Store number R109
Psychopath Looters
Mission Find Katey Zombrex
Survivor(s) Denyce
Weapon(s) Dead rising attack icon.png  Cash Register
Dead rising attack icon.png  Computer Case
Dead rising attack icon.png  Crowbar
Dead rising attack icon.png  Fire Extinguisher
Dead rising attack icon.png  Handbag
Dead rising attack icon.png  Highback Oak Chair
Dead rising attack icon.png  Indoor Garbage Can
Dead rising attack icon.png  Keyboard
Dead rising attack icon.png  LCD Monitor
Dead rising attack icon.png  Novelty Perfume Bottle
Dead rising attack icon.png  Rotating Display
Dead rising attack icon.png  Serving Tray
Dead rising attack icon.png  Shampoo
Dead rising attack icon.png  Small Painting
Dead rising attack icon.png  Small Potted Plant
Dead rising attack icon.png  Small Suitcase
Dead rising attack icon.png  Stool
Dead rising attack icon.png  Utility Cart
Dead rising attack icon.png  Water Cooler
Food Dead rising food icon.png  Burrito
Dead rising food icon.png  Coffee Creamer
Dead rising food icon.png  Orange Juice
Clothing Dead rising clothing icon.png  Hygiene Mask
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Roy's Mart is a Royal Flush Plaza pharmacy in Dead Rising 2. Chuck finds Katey's Zombrex here in the first case, Find Katey Zombrex.


Dead rising 2 roys mart.png
  • Description on the map page: At Roy's Mart, we've got all that and more! Now with our fully stocked, on site pharmacy, you have even more reasons to come to Roy's Mart for all your needs.


Dead rising 2 hygiene mask justin tv (2).png
Dead rising 2 hygiene mask justin tv.png
Dead rising 2 roy's mart burrito locked room justin tv.png
Burrito in locked room
Dead rising 2 roy's mart locked room highback oak chair justin tv.png
Highback Oak Chair in locked room
Dead rising 2 roy's mart locked room keyboard justin tv.png
Keyboard in locked room
Dead rising 2 roy's mart locked room spray paint red justin tv.png
Spray Paint (red) in locked room
Dead rising 2 roy's mart locked room water cooler justin tv.png
Water Cooler in locked room


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