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Ronald's Appetite  
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3 scoops at 5pm[1]
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Dead rising ronalds appettite (2)
Location Location icon  Security Room
Survivor(s) Dead rising ronald Ronald Shiner
Starts Time icon  Day 2, Sept. 20, 6 pm
Expires Time icon   Day 3, Sept. 21, 2 am
Prestige points Prestige points icon  10,000
Dead Rising Scoops

Ronald's Appetite is a Dead Rising scoop. Ronald Shiner is annoyed that there is so little food in the Security Room, after Frank West promised him there would be plenty. Frank must bring Ronald any food item to avert a mutiny.

The security room is accessed from Paradise Plaza.
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There must be at least 3 survivors in the room with Ronald for Otis to call about this scoop, as is the case with all of the other request and mutiny scoops.[2]

In a mutiny the following survivors will leave the security room, and will not be counted for the ending:

  1. Dead rising bill Bill Brenton,
  2. Dead rising aaron Aaron Swoop,
  3. Dead rising burt Burt Thompson,
  4. Dead rising sophie Sophie Richard,
  5. Dead rising heather Heather Tompkins, and
  6. Dead rising pamela Pamela Tompkins.

Conversation with Ronald[]

Conversation with Ronald
Dead rising ronald
RonaldHey everybody! I'm getting' outta here! I'm gone! I'm leavin' to track down some food!

Frank: I don't mean to burst your bubble, but I wouldn't recommend doing that.

Ronald: Screw you jerkoff! You fooled me! I only came here cause you said there'd be food. Well? Where is it? I sure don't see any?

Frank: We should've had just enough to cover everyone's needs. What happened to that?

Ronald: That isn't enough. Not to loot my own horn, but we eat like three times more than normal folks. You can't leave us a freakin' appetizer and expect us not to shrivel up and die of hunger. Of course, if you've got a secret stash set aside for us, then that's a different story.

Frank: Everyone else is gettin' by ok on these portions. Maybe you oughta make a little sacrifice yourself.

Ronald: Screw that noise man. Sacrificing is for losers. I want some damn grub! The way I see it, if I'm gonna starve to death anyway, I may as well just get eaten by zombies.

Give Ronald Food
Ronald: Food! Food! Food! I LOVE food![3]



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This is one of several request/mutiny missions:

Request/Mutiny Time Requirement
1 Dead rising ronald Ronald's Appetite Time icon 6 pm Day 2 Any Food
2 Dead rising floyd Floyd The Sommelier Time icon 1 am Day 3 Wine
3 Dead rising kindell Kindell's Betrayal Time icon 12pm Speak with Kindell
4 Dead rising paul Paul's Present Time icon 5 pm Speak with Paul for Molotov Cocktails
5 Dead rising simone Simone The Gunslinger Time icon 7 pm Handgun
6 Dead rising cheryl Cheryl's Request Time icon 8 pm Photograph Cheryl

Except for Ronald's Appetite, all of these missions take place on the third day and involve Frank returning to the Security Room to assist survivors he has already rescued. Each is worth 10,000 Prestige Points.


  1. There are three scoops which all start on day 2, September 20, 5pm, those three are: Antique Lover, Mark Of The Sniper, The Woman Who Didn't Make It.
  2. Except for Paul's Present
  3. Hall, Kevin. Dead Rising: Game Script by Berserker, GameFAQs, (January 5, 2009).

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