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Rocket Launcher  
Weapon one
Lead Pipe
Weapon two
Rocket Fireworks
Location Location icon  Silver Strip Tinkerbox (N103) ($40,000)
Location icon  Atlantica Casino magic area after defeating Reed and Roger in the World's Most Dangerous Trick mission (Day 4 - 12 am to 9 am)
Lasts 75
Strength 4
Dead Rising 2 Weapons
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The Rocket Launcher is a combo weapon in Dead Rising 2, made by combining these two items:

  1. Fireworks
  2. Pipe

This combo weapon has been described as:

"Not quite what you're thinking. A series of pipes fires off the fireworks inside. They aren't super accurate, but they do explode limbs like a charm."[1]

This weapon has two variants; the one which can be made from pipes and fireworks, and the one obtained by killing Reed Wallbeck. The Reed model comes with significantly more ammunition, carrying 100 rockets; more than the home-made version's 75.




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