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Real Mega Buster
Dead rising Real Mega Buster
Location Location icon  Unlocked by getting the "Zombie Genocider" Achievement (kill 53,594 Zombies). Appears in the Security Room .
Lasts 300 rounds
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The Real Mega Buster is a weapon in Dead Rising. The Real Mega Buster is the most powerful ranged weapon in the game and has 300 shots. It is unlocked after completing the "Zombie Genocider" Achievement, beating the game, and saving.



Dead rising real mega buster location

After Frank beats the game the Real Mega Buster is found in the same room as all the other unlockable clothing and items are (in the security room where Otis stands), lying in the corner. It respawns in the Security Room.

This gun easily takes care of bosses and enemies.


  • The Real Mega Buster and Laser Sword rotate the Servbot Head in Paradise Plaza's Child's Play almost exactly 1.5 times, the most of any weapon.[1]
  • The Real Mega Buster has difficulty breaking windows.
  • The shots are not seen in mirrors.
Blue circle Rainbow
  • When shot, the laser sword produces a rainbow halo. This effect is only seen in darker areas.
Dead rising mega buster v real mega buster

The Real Mega Buster is easy to differentiate from the toy Mega Buster.

  • The Real Mega Buster is one of Frank's Hyper Combos in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars. When using it, Frank changes into a full-body costume of X from the Mega Man X series and fires a massive beam of pink energy straight forward.


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