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Dead rising colbys movie theater front lobby and store (6)

Colby's Movieland cardboard cut out.

Ratman is a fictional superhero in Dead Rising, Dead Rising:Chop Till You Drop, and Dead Rising 2.

Dead Rising and Chop Till You Drop[]

Colby's Movieland was showing a Ratman film when the zombie Apocalypse struck. There are several posters and cardboard cutouts advertising the film in the theater's lobby. There are also promotional spinoffs in the theater store and in stores around Paradise Plaza including:

Dead rising Rat Saucer Rat Saucer (a Frisbee)
Dead rising Rat Stick Rat Stick
Two children outfits with the Ratman logo, including:
Dead rising clothing Green Ratman T-shirt and Blue Jean Shorts Green Ratman T-shirt and Blue Jean Shorts

Red and Grey Ratman T-shirt with Brown Shorts

Dead rising clothing kids grammas kids
Dead rising childrens castle toys ratman (9)

The RATMARINE toy found in Child's Play, Ye Olde Toybox and Children's Castle.

Dead rising childrens castle toys ratman (7)

The Ratman action figure found in Children's Castle.

Dead rising colby's movieland t-shirts

The Ratman T-shirt's found in Colby's Movieland gift shop.

Dead Rising 2[]

Dead Rising 2 Chuck as Ratman

Chuck Greene in a Ratman costume.

In Dead Rising 2 Chuck Greene wears a Ratman costume.


Survivors Sally Mills and Nick Evans, who are found hanging off the giant rabbit balloon in Wonderland Plaza in the unannounced scoop Hanging By A Thread, also wear t-shirts with the Ratman logo.



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  • Colorado Aspens baseball team, another entertainment venue with merchandising.

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