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Note : The raincoat cult appears as a maniac in Dead Rising 4 .

Raincoat Cult
Dead rising cult
Location Location icon  Willamette Parkview Mall
Mission The Cult
A Strange Group
Survivor(s) Jennifer Gorman
Starts Time icon  Day 2, September 20, 1:00pm
Weapon(s) Dead rising attack icon  Knife
Dead rising attack icon  Dynamite
Kill Bonus Prestige points icon   500 each
Dead Rising Psychopaths
This article is about the Rainbow Cult members, for the article about the unannounced scoop, see The Cult.

The Raincoat Cult are Dead Rising psychopaths, also called the True Eye Cult.

The Cultists make their first appearance, attempting to sacrifice Jennifer Gorman, near the entrance to Colby's Movieland in Paradise Plaza on Day 2, September 20 at 1:00pm in the unannounced scoop The Cult. Like the Convicts, they don't count towards any psycho achievements, but Frank will get a 500 prestige point bonus for every one he kills. They are more difficult to kill than zombies.

Cultist attacks[]

The cultists have four main attacks:

  1. Slash Frank with their knife, which Frank cannot pick up.
  2. Lunge towards Frank with their knife. Cultists track Frank, even if Frank moves out of the way. They run for about twenty feet before they give up.
  3. Gas attack, see below
  4. Suicidal attack. The cultist will throw his hands in the air, then run at Frank. When he is in suicide mode, he can be shot and blown up prematurely, though melee attacks will have no effect. When the suicidal cult member gets close, he will either grab onto Frank or jump toward Frank, and as soon as he lands, there is a big explosion, hurting Frank, and any nearby zombies, survivors, or cultists. The only way to avoid this attack is to keep running away.[1]

Frank's capture[]

Dead rising cultist hideout (2)

Frank coming out of a box in the Cultist's Hideout.

Dead rising raincoat cult member

Cultists also have knock out powder they occasionally spray at Frank. If Frank is gassed, he is captured, put in a box, and taken to the Cultist's Hideout in Leisure Park. All of Frank's weapons and clothes are taken and lost.

The room has two Step Ladders, two Cardboard Boxes, which could have health or a weapon inside, and a sword. Once Frank kills all of the cultist, he learns the passcode to get out of the locked room.

The cultists will keep appearing in several locations in the mall until Frank completes the A Strange Group scoop on Day 3, September 21, at 12:00am of the scoop expires at 10:00 am.

Battling cult members[]

Frank can use the Cultists' suicidal attacks against them by leading the charging explosive maniac near the pack, allowing him to grab Frank, and then shaking him off. When he explodes, he blows up several of his companions.

Use firearms and fight from medium to long range to avoid getting captured by the Cultists, such as the Shotgun and Handgun. Pick the cultists off from a safe distance. If Frank has to get close and does not have a powerful melee weapon, the easiest way to kill the cult members is to take a bench and hit them in rows.[2]

Like survivors and Frank, Raincoat Cult members do not slip and fall on certain food and weapons like zombies do.

With certain weapons, such as the paradise plaza orange potted plant and the Bench, the Cultists will usually die with one hit, but occasionally they will stay alive just long enough commit suicide by blowing themselves up. So instead of dying by the weapon, they stay alive just long enough to commit suicide.


  • Zombies ignore cult members, possibly because their outfits mask their human smell.
  • Cult members will often slash zombies in an attempt to reach Frank.
  • Like the Special Forces after them, the cult members never appear in Leisure Park or the Maintenance Tunnels.[3]

After the unannounced Paradise Plaza scoop The Cult on Day 2 at 1:00 pm, the True Eye Cult take over Colby's Movieland. During this time, no zombies are found in the theater.

Dead rising colby cult in theater Dead rising colby cult in theater (2) Dead rising colby cult in theater (3)

Theaters one, two, and five have several cult members inside and the hallway to theaters three, four, and five is blocked by cult members.

The scoop A Strange Group takes place in theater four. After this scoop, the cultists disappear, and the zombies immediately return to the theater.

Dead rising the cult poster time

At Noon on Day 2, September 20, bright pink cult posters appear around the mall, the posters say:

True Eye

Colby's Movieland

Notice Notice Notice Notice

Location: Theater 4


  • Blessing for the master
  • Lecture: "Avoiding Satan's Temptation"
  • Ceremony of Divine Blood

******* Representative of the True Eye

Dead rising cult poster
  • GameAxis Unwired magazine called the cult members "Green Goblins".[4]


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