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Rachel Decker
Dead rising rachel
Location Location icon  Gramma's Kids in Entrance Plaza
Mission The Woman Who Didn't Make It
Starts Time icon  Day 2, Sept. 20, 5 pm
Expires Time icon   Day 2, Sept. 20, 12 am
Join Prestige points icon  25,000
Successful Escort Prestige points icon   50,000
Otis's call Dead rising transiever  There's a woman taking cover inside a CHILDREN'S CLOTHING SHOP in the ENTRANCE PLAZA. Things are lookin' pretty bleak there Frank. You might wanna lend her a hand.[1]
Notebook Jolie's friend.[2]
Age 27
Dead Rising Survivors

Rachel Decker is a Dead Rising survivor who got separated and is worried about her friend Jolie Wu. Rachel will not join Frank without Jolie joining Frank first.

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