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Pylon (Dead Rising 2)
Dead rising Pylon (Dead Rising 2).png
Location Location icon.png  see article for 20+ locations
Creates Maintenance room icon.png  Air Horn (with spray paint)
Lasts 30
Strength incapacitates one zombie
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For the Dead Rising 2 weapon, see Pylon (Dead Rising 2).

The Pylon is a weapon in Dead Rising. In real life, this item is also commonly called a traffic cone.

Dead rising pylon on zombies head (2).png

The pylon incapacitates the zombie, making them walk around in circles aimlessly and they will not attack Frank.


Dead rising pylon on zombies head.png

Rarely a pylon put on a zombie has a black circle on the pylon. After the zombie dies, the black dot disappears.



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