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Push Broom (Dead Rising 2)
Dead rising Push Broom (Dead Rising 2)
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Lasts 15
Strength 1
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For the Dead Rising weapon, see Push Broom.

The Push Broom (Dead Rising 2) is a weapon in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Case Zero.

The push broom's primary attack (tap X) has Chuck stab outwards and down toward the ground.

The push broom's secondary attack (hold X) has Chuck hold the push broom in both hands along the shaft and push over zombies.

When broken, only the head of the broom will fall off, resulting in a slightly more lethal broom handle.


Case Zero[]

  1. Brockett Gas Station
  2. Uncle Bill's Department Store (∞)

Dead Rising 2[]

  1. Americana Casino Bennie Jack's BBQ Shack
  2. Atlantica Casino Magic Stage
  3. Atlantica Casino Maintenance Area
  4. Atlantica Casino Poker Room
  5. Atlantica Casino Security Office
  6. Atlantica Casino Maintenance Room 10 through magician's room (outside)
  7. Food Court Cheesecake Mania (F103)
  8. Food Court Central Platform and Information Booth
  9. Food Court Upper Platforms
  10. Fortune City Arena Maintenance Room 23 North of Terror Togs (E101)
  11. Palisades Mall Maintenance Room 7 between Shank's (P107) and Bagged!
  12. Palisades Mall Chris' Fine Foods (P216)
  13. Platinum Strip Main Area
  14. Royal Flush Plaza First Floor Main Area
  15. Royal Flush Plaza North West Maintenance Area
  16. Royal Flush Plaza South East Maintenance Area
  17. Safe House
  18. Silver Strip Atlantica Casino Rooftop
  19. Silver Strip Maintenance Room 18 right of Tinkerbox (N103)
  20. South Plaza Main Floor
  21. Underground Warehouse B
  22. Underground Warehouse C
  23. Yucatan Casino Maintenance Room 34 entrance, far north
  24. Yucatan Casino Maintenance Room 6 Right of tiger cage, through employees only door (1) (outside)




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