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Propane Tank
Dead rising Propane Tank
Location Location icon  McHandy's Hardware
Location icon  Warehouse On top of the shelves
Location icon  Leisure Park Lying next to the shelter
Location icon  Rooftop Lying to the left of the elevator
Location icon  Colby’s Movieland Cinema 5
Location icon  Maintenance Tunnels Pushed by a zombie. Most can be found between the Leisure Park entrance and the Meat Processing Area.
Lasts 20 hits (small)
30 hits (big)
Cannot be placed in inventory
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For the Dead Rising 2 weapon, see Propane Tank (Dead Rising 2).

The Propane Tank is a weapon in Dead Rising. It is the most explosive weapon in Dead Rising. It is incredibly slow and does little damage as a melee weapon.

Dead rising propane tank explosion

It is meant to be picked up and moved around, then placed or thrown into an advantageous spot, where Frank can then shoot the tank, causing it to explode, causing massive damage in a large radius. Excessive physical attacks and shots from the Special Forces may cause the tank to explode, so take caution when lunging at zombies.




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