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Dead rising convicts
Location Location icon  Leisure Park
Psychopath Convicts
Survivor(s) Dead rising sophie Sophie Richard
Dead rising sid Sid (unsavable)
Starts Time icon  Day 1, Sept. 19, 6 pm
Expires Time icon   Day 3, Sept. 21, 5 pm
Weapon(s) Dead rising attack icon  Heavy Machinegun
Dead rising attack icon  Baseball Bat
Dead rising attack icon  Jeep
Join Prestige points icon  12,000
Prestige points icon   24,000
Kill Bonus Prestige points icon   3,000 each
Otis's call Dead rising transiever  Unannounced
Dead Rising Scoops
See also Scoops Day 1 Part 1 for a walk-through of this scoop and four others on day one.

"Frank! We've got a situation here! Escaped prisoners are tearing up the Leisure Park. We can't have them attacking people!" —Otis Washington

Prisoners is an unannounced Dead Rising scoop. In Dead Rising:Chop Till You Drop it was given the name Prisoners.[1]

Leisure Park map

In Dead Rising, when Frank enters Leisure Park after 6 pm, there are three convicts riding in a Jeep in the park chasing after Sophie Richard. The cutscene shows unsavable Sid being shot to death by the convicts, as he runs next to Sophie. The jeep has a mounted heavy machinegun. The convicts attack both zombies and survivors.

Convicts kill Sid cutscene[]

Convicts kill Sid
Dead rising convicts
A jeep bears down on Frank and a convict takes a swing at him with a baseball bat but misses.

Reginald Jenkins: Hahahaha! You missed loser. Get your aim right brother.

Sid and Sophie run away in the background

Sam Franklin: Alright! Looks like we've got our next contestants!

Miguel Sanchez: I'm going to take out that dude and snatch his old lady!

The convicts drive toward the couple. Miguel Sanchez hits and kills Sid with his baseball bat.[2]

Sophie's cry for help
Dead rising sophie
Sophie: Help! Someone help me!
Frank: Over here! Come here![2]

Convict Battle[]



Sniper Rifle

Unless Frank has unlocked the Real Mega Buster, the most effective way of dealing with the convicts is to use a Sniper rifle. Kill Reginald, the heavygunner on the back first, then kill the driver, Sam. The baseball bat wielding passenger Miguel, will then jump into the driving seat, now kill him also.


If Frank does not have a sniper rifle and needs to get close, stay in an area with a lot of trees, because the jeep will have a difficult time maneuvering. Aiming at the convicts can be difficult while the jeep's moving, so at close quarters a Submachine Gun or Shotgun will be a little more effective.

An easier way which exploits the poor artificial intelligence, is to hide right behind a tree. They convicts keep ramming the tree, trying to run over Frank. Again, kill the gunner first, then run behind and steal the mounted machine gun to shoot the driver and passenger.

Delivery Truck

The Delivery Truck from the Maintenance Tunnels can be used to ram the jeep and kill the convicts. The problem is that jeep may be destroyed as well. The jeep is required for the Carjacker achievement. It is best just to take out the gunner with the truck and then kill the other convicts using the above tactics.

Small Chainsaw

If Frank has a small chainsaw, go into the trees and wait for the convicts to get stuck in the trees. As always, slash and kill the gunner first, then the passenger, then the driver.

Quickstep Juice

A more dangerous strategy is to drink Quickstep juice, preferably when Frank has the small chainsaw or other strong melee weapon, and rush in whenever the convicts stop. First kill the gunner, driver then the passenger when he moves to the driver seat.

Park Bench

It is also possible to lure the convicts towards a park bench. When they run over the bench the convicts are likely to get stuck.

Jeep and Heavy Machinegun[]

Frank can drive the jeep after killing all three convicts, which earns the Carjacker achievement and the Prisoner outfit in the Security Room after completing the 72 Hour Mode. The Heavy Machinegun is removable but is a two handed weapon and cannot be kept in Frank's inventory. The convicts will respawn every midnight in 72 Hour Mode, but not at midnight after Day 3.


  • After killing one or two convicts, but not all three, going inside (a load screen), then returning to Leisure Park makes all three convicts respawn immediately. Frank must kill all three convicts for the convicts not to return anymore that day.
  • Sophie Richard is the only survivor worth 12,000 prestige points when she joins Frank and 24,000 prestige points when she is successfully escorted. She is the only survivor with a prestige point bonus amount not shared with another survivor. Leah Stein, directly before Sophie is worth 10,000 when she joins and 20,000 to successfully escort. Greg Simpson, directly after Sophie is worth 15,000 when he joins and 30,000 to successfully escort.



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