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This article is about the Dead Rising store, for the Dead Rising 2 store with the same name, see Players (Dead Rising 2).
Dead rising Players PANORAMA

Panorama of Players
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Dead rising players
Location Location icon  Paradise Plaza
Type Music store
Store number P103
Mission A Woman In Despair
Survivor(s) Dead rising simone Simone Ravendark, near the window
Weapon(s) Dead rising attack icon  Cardboard Box
Dead rising attack icon  Cash Register
Dead rising attack icon  CDs (∞)
Prestige points sticker(s) Prestige points sticker  Wendy cardboard cutout at the entrance
Dead Rising Stores

Players is a Paradise Plaza entertainment store in Dead Rising. Simone Ravendark is found in this store during the A Woman In Despair scoop, on the third day, crying near the plate glass window.

Prestige point sticker[]

Dead rising wendy cardboard cutout pp (2)

Wendy cardboard cutout with prestige point sticker at the Players entrance.




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