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Paul Carson
Dead rising paul
Location Location icon  Casual Gals in Wonderland Plaza
Mission Long Haired Punk
Paul's Present
Survivor(s) Debbie Willet
Mindy Baker
Starts Time icon  Day 3, Sept. 21, 5 am
Expires Time icon   Day 3, Sept. 21, 5 pm
Preferred weapon Molotov Cocktail
Join Prestige points icon  30,000
Prestige points icon   60,000
Kill Bonus Prestige points icon   30,000
Otis's call Dead rising transiever  I spotted a guy with long hair over in one of the WOMEN'S CLOTHING SHOP'S in WONDERLAND PLAZA. He's holdin' a Molotov Cocktail... You'd better be careful...[1]
Dead rising transiever  Hey Frank. This PAUL guy says he has somethin' he wants to give you. Next time you come back to the Security Room, be sure to talk to him.[1]
Notebook Was out of control, but seems to have had a change of heart.[2]
Age 19
Voice Actor Gabriel Olds[3]
Dead Rising Psychopaths

Paul Carson is a Dead Rising psychopath who once defeated, becomes a rescuable survivor. Frank will first have to defeat Paul. After being defeated Paul accidentally lights himself on fire. Frank will then when the battle's ended grab a nearby fire extinguisher and put Paul out. Paul will then join Frank. For more information see Long Haired Punk.

Paul is essential for the Transmissionary achievement because later Otis will call Frank for the Paul's Present scoop.



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