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Dead rising overtime mode brock the final battle (27)
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Defeat the XM3 Prototype tank and Brock

XM3 Prototype Tank[]

thumb|300px|right|Overtime 7 - Battling the Tank

Final battle[]

Introduction to Brock cutscene[]

Brock is responsible for Santa Cabeza
Dead rising brock
thumb|300px|right|Brock the final boss

Brock: These automated machines are no use at all on the battlefield. Switch to manual control.

The tank rams Frank and Isabela's jeep turning it on its side
Brock rises out of the tank.

Brock: Aim main cannon.

The cannon points directly at Frank.

Frank: Oh, shit...

Brock: Well, what have we here?

Frank stands with his hands up and looks toward Isabela. Isabela is unconscious.

Brock: Where were ya hiding when my men mopped up the mall? On a mission in which the number of targets is unclear, it's difficult to ensure absolute thoroughness. Heh... You have imagination... That's what drives you in your quest to run... Your quest to hide. As prey, you and your kind are much more stubborn than the zombies.

Frank: How much do you know about the zombies?

Brock: I commanded the Santa Cabeza cleanup operation... If we had fulfilled our mission then, we wouldn't be needed here now to take care of this... incident.

Frank: That's all it was to you, huh? A mission? What about those innocent people who had to pay for sins committed by our government and - it's inhuman research?

Brock: (interrupts) - Our mistakes have not begun with this operation. (laughs) Humanity... has proven itself to be quite adept at making mistakes. (puts cigar in mouth) Hah! Hell, it's the only thing we truly excel at. Well, then. I'd say this mission isn't quite over yet. Don't you agree?

Brock turns the cannon to an oncoming zombie horde. Frank hits Brock knocks away his cigar. The final battle begins.[1]

True Ending cutscene[]

And yet he complained ...
Dead rising brock
thumb|300px|right|Overtime 8 - Final Cutscene

Frank West managed to escape the town of Willamette with information pertinent to the incident under his belt.

The news caused a fervor throughout the world, leading to the U.S. government to admit at least partial culpability in the livestock research program.

However, no connection to the Willamette incident was acknowledged and the events that occurred there were deemed the work of a fringed terrorist group.

The people of [the] world, as could be expected from the modern culture of new saturation, soon let the Willamette incident fade from their minds.

The authenticity of Carlito's chilling plan to utilize the orphans as his pawns has yet to be confirmed or proven false.

And yet he complained that his belly was not full.[1]


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